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The online advertising market is growing at a very fast pace. Now more than ever more people are seeking local businesses online and familiarity with a target demographic have proven to be successful. We at an interactive website hosted by the renowned DJ Super Sprang, catering to a worldwide Caribbean community and independent artists of all genres worldwide have partnered to offer our viewers and clients reasonable rates to satisfy their advertising needs.

Our Vision is to offer small business or “the mom and pop shops” of Industry the opportunity to achieve an industrial look and the feel of “big” corporation through publicizing them on a worldwide web basis for a very affordable cost. For more information on how your company’s name, logo and information can be promoted via online media through our sites please contact: W.J. Alexis @

Party Vybez® has an opportunity for you or your company to increase your visibility world-wide! We are offering you INTERNATIONAL advertising via our live web-broadcast and in exchange, all we ask is you pay one low annual advertising fee. Becoming an Exclusive Advertisement Member is simple, perhaps we have made it even too easy for the amount of exposure you are about to receive!

The Annual Membership fee offers a huge “Bang for the Buck “return. For one low, annual fee, you and your company get the following recognition:

1. Listed as an Exclusive Member on Party Vybez® Website located at
2. Recognition at every live broadcast on our scrolling marquee.
3. Company “shout out” at any live festivals/events we take part in.

Please don’t delay; we may not be running this special for too much longer! Please email for pricing and details.

We are the future for connecting local companies and customers together!

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